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“Everything you can imagine is real ”   — Pablo Picasso

We offer various packages that will accommodate for your needs, and if you don’t see it here, Contact Us with your request and we’ll make it work!


Full Package 

We will start will an initial consultation where we discuss your needs, wants and budget. From there we will plan every detail to your exact style and have unlimited contact with one another so if you have any questions you can call, email or even text us.

50/50 Package

Similar to the full package deal, we will discuss what your budget is and your desires, however some of the events’ needs have already been booked, sent, or made by yourself. We will work together to accomplish the event to your standards with meetings to exchange information and concerns. All while communicating through text, call or email.

The Help MePackage

With this package, you are just needing some assistance along the way of your event. Whether that is with the initial creative ideas, figuring out contacts for certain needs, or just assembling decor, we will be there to answer your questions.

The ‘DIY’ Package
This package is essentially one where we will be assembling any kind of decor, gifts, prizes, etc that you may need. This can also include the idea of the item itself. Some examples and is not limited to, are; reception centerpieces, reception table decor, flower decor, bachelorette games, bridal shower gift basket to bride, bachelorette gifts, private show signage, etc.


Day-Of-Coordinator Package

Whether you want to plan your event or your budget doesn’t allow for an event coordinator, this may be the best option for you. With this package deal, you have planned your whole event and just want to relax the day of the function. We will make sure your day is run smoothly and to the standards of how you planned/wanted it.

Month-of-Coordinator Package

Similar to the day-of-coordinator package, you’ve planned the majority or all of your events details. However leading up to the big day you have a bunch of small details to take care of including the day of coordinating. Leave it to us, with our various forms of communication to complete your finishing touches to your liking.


*** All prices vary for each package based on the events’ size, please tell us the details of your project, price inquiries or any questions, and we’ll respond with an accurate quote and timeline for the work.


Need something else? Send us a message through our Contact Us page.


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