One of the things I love most about my job is the freedom to be creative. I grew up with a mother who was so innovative with everything she did: home decor, Halloween costumes, even our dinners. She set a wonderful example of how you can make things so beautiful, a room so classy without having to go over the top. One of the things we share to this is day is going to garage sales on our weekend mornings where we find some of our favourite treasures.

I definitely encourage my clients to browse through small town antique and yard sales, because you truly never know what you’ll find. The little details are what count in event decor. Whether it’s a unique piece of your own, or one that you find in a garage sale, it may just be the perfect piece to put on the entrance table—or cake!


A recent example of a unique find was when a friend’s mother had asked for help organizing her garage sale items. I came across a rusted old tin can she was considering tossing. For some reason, I thought there was something there. I shined it up and discovered a beautiful English Breakfast tea box. I thought outside the ‘tin box’ () and decided to put a spider plant in it. I still get so many compliments on this piece and am so happy with how it turned out.


I also found some adorable old Avon perfume bottles, which I will post about once I figure out its purpose, but there are many options in mind.

The beauty of art pieces (home or event decor) is that its truly subjective to each person and their taste. This recalls one of my favourite sayings that can be applied to anything really, “To each their own”. So have fun with it!

Stay beautiful and make this world beautiful,



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