With less than a week to go until the big day, are you ready?

Are you ready for the big dinners, gift giving, several family visits, and the kitchen clean up left behind?

Are you ready for the leftover containers, the torn gift wrapping piles, and cookie crumbs?

Are you ready for the Christmas tree tinsel, garland crumbles, and fancy centerpieces?

Christmas, for most, is one of their favourite times of the year. We all want that prefect turkey, and perfect gift foaskvcuss_l8-alisa-antonr that special person but sometimes we forget that any event, from a large wedding to Christmas dinner, can add stress to the person hosting it.

So whether you’re the guest or the host, remember there are ways to reduce that holiday stress. And no this is not a way to lure you into buying our services but more so,  helpful tips that may calm things down for you.

As a host, you always want the perfect environment, and comforting food to please all, which can be a tiring and long process…

Food: This is probably the biggest component to family gatherings, and probably embodies the most stress. I would remember my mom preparing the day before and early morning of all family gatherings. We all know turkeys take time and effort, and if you’re not the type to stress over things, then go for it. Otherwise, opt for catering, and if that is too expensive, then buy a couple cooked chickens. You’ll just have to make a couple of side dishes and done! Potluck is also another wonderful option. Don’t feel bad asking your guests to bring something small, it won’t take them long and it adds up, and leaves you only having to worry about the turkey.

Decor: This is a pretty done deal since most have all or majority of their decor set up for Christmas well in advance. Where the issue is for some is the dinner table centerpieces and dinner set decor. Best advice is don’t go over board, you can get away with a very simple dinner set (napkin rings, plate mat, etc.) if you go a tad more fancy with your centerpieces. If you check out our Instagram or Facebook page, you can see examples of some fun and easy centerpieces.

Gifts: This one can take a while depending on how long your list is. The best way to make things easier is by doing it ahead of time as far in advance as possible. If that isn’t doable, be effective and go somewhere you can across off a couple, if not majority of people off your list. It’s also nice to give thoughtful gifts like experiences they may enjoy (wine tasting, adventure rooms, etc.). Groupon is a great option for this and always have great prices for outings.

As a guest you always want to come prepared, well dressed and not a bother to the host but sometimes can be left unsure of what to expect at the gathering …

1ujxuwqlfo8-ben-whiteFood: Offer if you can bring something, or if you can come by an hour before to help cook some of the food. I’m sure we all know but it’s also always nice to bring a little something for the host, whether it’s a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or flowers.

Decor: Again ask before hand if they need help with anything, but I think it’s always a safe bet to bring a potted plant or bouquet of fresh flowers. Our social media accounts show some awesome ideas for simple Christmas themed centerpieces you can whip together quickly and bring as a thank you to your host.

Gifts: There isn’t much you can help a host with their gift buying, unless you are close enough to offer to help buy some. However, as a rule of thumb, if you’re heading to a large function, it sometimes can be handy to have a small unisex gift in case someone forgets to buy a gift or if someone last-minute comes along for the festivities.

Regardless, of all the craziness that comes along with the holidays, always remember it is all in preparation and done for the time spent with the ones we love and care for. Sometimes the best gift, or cozy dinner is the cozy time together! I hope these tips helped or will help you be a little less stressed as a host and be a little more helpful as a guest. From my family to yours, I hope you have a safe and joyous Christmas holiday and prosperous new year. All the best and we can’t wait to hear from you all in 2017!

Stay beautiful and make this world beautiful,


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