We are so happy to finally announce a project we have been working on since January. We are proud to introduce to you, our second business, Cats & Caffeine.

It will be the first cat themed cafe in Hamilton, Ontario and as we do with our event planning, Nicole’s objective to donate money, time and services with continue through to this cafe. Community involvement will be a vital aspect of this cafe and it will be inclusive to all. We hope with its vegan, gluten, eco-friendly environment, that we provide an area for everyone to feel comfortable in, whether they choose to enjoy their snacks and beverages in the company of the cats or not. Partnered with NCWL Cat Rescue, we aim to have a wonderful selection of cats that can be adopted and will only benefit from the human and cat on cat interaction. If you have any collaborations or community event ideas you would like to share with us, feel free to contact us through the cafe email on it’s website or social media pages.

Please follow our Instagram, Facebook and website to keep up to date with our fundraising, renovations and grand opening dates. We are also welcoming any contributions to the starting costs of the cafe through our crowdfunding page. We hope to help the city as much as we can, so please help us, help them!

Thank you for everything.

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