Brides will always remember their wedding day, the good and the bad. One of the 01157c57d9537f033968742477d6b42abiggest regrets (if not completely admitting to not hiring an event planner) are issues that an event planner could have prevented or solved. We know that some cannot budget an event planner for full services but there are options for less expensive services that could help. Listed below are some of the benefits of an event planner that most people don’t consider or realize, that could really change the outcome of their special day.

  • Connections – A wedding planner has knowledge and connections to venues and services that you may need. Their established relationships can allow for discounts through them and not just save money but the time in search for that perfect venue, or florist. Time is money and less money is less stress!
  • Being In The Moment – Whether your event planner was hired for the day or for the full planning process, they should be well aware of how you want your day to pan out. This includes how you want the decor to be placed, to what the agenda of how your MC will be breaking down the day. These tiny details can consume anyone from actually being present in the moment and enjoying their wedding. Whether its chasing down the DJ to fix an entrance song or finding the flats you wanted to change into, your wedding planner will be there doing the running around and worrying for you, so you can enjoy and remember only the good of the day.
  • Not Everyone Is A Planner (Let The Guests Be Guests) – To save money a lot of people normally ask or are offered by family or friends to help set up/pack up decor. Not everyone has that artistic touch to see beauty the way you want or has the experience to make a last minute decision that will affect the wedding. I love my mother and she would probably be the one person to have that designer touch I could trust for my wedding, but I want her to be just as much in the moment of my wedding as me. I don’t want her to have to be burden with running around or remember to take the wedding cake tray at the end of the night, because she’s my guest and I want her dancing it up on the dance floor with me till the end of the night.
  • You Get What You Pay For – Again we understand you have a budget but a day of coordinator can cost you less than your dress! And it is worth your sanity, because we all know you get what you pay for. Your wedding planner is your go-to person … vent your stress, manage your details so you do not have any stress, and discuss all the creative ideas you have. Their knowledge in the field allows them to tweak the planning process and and have you aware of all the latest trends in the wedding scene. Efficiency is key to a smooth, fun, and manageable wedding and that is one of the key qualities of a planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is a treat to yourself, it allows you to enjoy the whole wedding process, from engagement to wedding day. They take all the stress out of this day so that all that is left, is the magic and excitement to remember. You deserve to enjoy this day just as much as you want your guests to, so that at the end of the night you remember and experience the day for what it is … the unity of you and your soul mate!

Stay beautiful and make this world beautiful,


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